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  • Company Name:Shun Feng Rubber Co., Ltd.
  • Contact:张亮 点击这里给我发消息
  • Tel:18764545713
  • Main Products: rubber flooring, rubber tile, rubber products, rubber powder
  • Area: ShanDong BinZhou

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Rubber Floor Tiles

  • Price: Negotiable
  • Place Of Origin:ShanDong BinZhou
  • Views:408
  • Release Time:2015-01-27



1, damping, non-slip, flexible, strong protective properties;

2, good weather and  heat resistance;

3, good water resistance, easy to clean, and easy maintenance. Non-toxic, non-irritating to humans, and environmental;

4, specifications are various, rich colors, not reflective, a variety of patterns can be freely combined.

5, convenient construction, can be laid by adhesive bonding also be laid directly.


6,Applicable to the stadium, table tennis room, nursery, gym, playground, elderly centers, parks, residential areas, outdoor event plaza, and swimming pools' shore.

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